Welcome to QSM’s “Meet our Team” feature where we introduce some of our amazing team members and highlight their interests and motivations! Today, the spotlight is on Ed Goluch, QSM’s CEO and Co-Founder.

Thanks for making the time Ed, could we start with a brief introduction?

My name is Ed Goluch and I was born and raised in Chicago which explains my love for food. I spent many years studying engineering in Urbana-Champaign having earned my BS in Chemical Engineering, MS in Mechanical Engineering, and PhD in Bioengineering. I also married my college sweetheart so you can say that I accomplished a lot during school! Aligned with my engineering background, I love figuring out how things work, building things, and innovating to make things work more efficiently. Outside of work and school, I enjoy traveling to relaxing locations. Most recently, I visited Moosehead Lake in Maine, where I tried fly fishing for the first time.

What about QSM Diagnostic’s technology excites you the most?

Given that I have worked on this technology, as a researcher as well as founder, for several years, I am most excited about the opportunity to see an idea through from initial concept to finished product. It is exciting to see the research that I have conducted materialize in a device that has the potential to change the state of diagnostics in animal health, which as a pet owner is extremely important to me.

What keeps you busy outside of work?

As with most people during this pandemic, I have been binging on some TV shows and playing a bit of video games (currently, Animal Crossing: New Horizons). Given that I have four cats, taking care of them keeps me busy as well. While travel has been limited recently, I enjoy traveling to relaxing places with my wife.

Any pets?

I have four rambunctious cats – Dexter, Morris, Loki, and Bandit.

Favorite animal celebrity?

It’s most certainly Punxsutawney Phil, the legendary groundhog.

Last question, are you a cat or a dog person?

I love both cats and dogs, but cats are easier to care for.

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