Infection Detection Redefined

Image of Otter eQ instrument.
How does the Otter eQ work?

A must have diagnostic in every veterinary practice!

Peace of mind
Antibiotic Stewardship

Advanced Cartridge Technology

Proprietary electrochemistry

Our patented sensor technology selectively and specifically detects QSM secreted by bacterial cells directly in the sample fluid. The output is quantitative so you can track treatment just like with any other clinical biomarker.

Swab and Go

Say goodbye to time-consuming and messy preparation steps. With OTTER Technology, all you have to do is mix the sample swab in our pre-measured buffer and rub it on the cartridge. It's that easy.

No software to install or update. Run tests and see results using Chrome.

The OTTER eQ is an advanced tool designed to help veterinarians diagnose and monitor bacterial infections in dogs and cats. For your convenience, it doesn't require any software to operate. Your run the test and see the results in the Google Chrome browser. The results are automatically stored in the cloud. This device runs on a Web Serial USB which allows veterinarians to take it with them on home visits without having to worry about battery life or functionality. All it requires is an internet connection and a computer to operate.


The OTTER will give the opportunity to test for bacterial infections directly using a point-of-care device approximately the size of your standard television remote control. The device pairs with a disposable cartridge based sensor, on which you simply swab your sample of interest. Results are available in under 2 minutes and can be tracked over time to follow infection treatment.

The OTTER has been built from the ground up to focus on ease of use, speed and accuracy. New users will love the space saving form factor and the convenience of cartridges. All of our products are covered by an industry leading warranty and a “here to help” service mentality.

Intellectual property licensed exclusively to QSM Diagnostics for all fields from Northeastern University

  • Issued in US, EU, and Japan: Diagnostic system and process for rapid bacterial identification diagnosis. US 10,316,348.
  • Issued in EU and Japan: Matrix-enhanced electrochemical detector for pathogenic bacteria. US App 14/915,458.
  • Patent applications for new aptamers and diagnostic tests get filed as they are developed. Several in process.