QSM OTTER Mail-In Test Kit.

Rapid Bacterial Infection Diagnostics

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NSF SBIR Start Up Funding
NSF SBIR Start Up Funding
NSF SBIR Start Up Funding
NSF SBIR Start Up Funding

QSM OTTER 2-Min Test and Mail-In Kits

Our diagnostics complement your operations by providing accurate and rapid results. Make informed decisions and optimize treatment regimens at the point of care.


QSM OTTER Mail-In Test Kit

As a complement to veterinary care, we offer a mail-in test kit that provides overnight test results. Monitor the progress your pet is making as you battle the stress of bacterial infections.

QSM On-Demand Diagnostics

We have patents in electrochemical sensing that allow us to detect target molecules faster, more reliably, using a one step method.

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Our point-of-care device was designed with input from veterinarians. It is user-friendly and integrates into your daily operations with minimal training.

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Get a result in 2 minutes! Make confident and informed treatment decisions at the time of care.

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Receive a detailed report with each test outlining bacteria levels. Monitor treatment over time.

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Our test provides accurate bacterial identification in 2 minutes, resulting in faster recovery with targeted treatment.