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Does my dog have an ear infection?

1 in 10 dogs will get an ear infection this year. If not diagnosed and treated correctly, the chance that the infection comes back is over 30%. Run our test to find out if your dog needs antibiotics prescribed by your veterinarian and special treatment to get better.

The QSM Difference

Our on-demand diagnostics empower veterinarians and provide piece of mind to dog owners by delivering test results faster and with less work. Here are some advantages of our industry-leading technology:

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QSM OTTER tests are independently validated by leading scientists and reference laboratories to ensure that our results match or exceed those obtained with slower established gold standard methods. With this level of accuracy, veterinarians and pet owners can trust the results!

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When your furry friend is in pain, you don't have time to wait around for results or to schedule an appointment. Our tests work differently than traditional laboratory techniques for detecting bacterial infections, so you can get results faster than ever. Veterinarians using our instruments get results in minutes and pet owners mailing tests to our laboratory in Boston get results the next day!

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QSM consulted with veterinarians to design a set of products that are easy to handle and use by everyone. You don't have to worry about how to run the test or interpret the results, allowing you to focus on the health of your dog. Receive a detailed report with each test outlining bacteria levels. Monitor treatment over time.